Why is AWHO Vijay Vihar Wagholi an Ideal Choice?

Updating and upgrading assets for a better option is natural to maintain a quality of life. Replacing your old home with a newer one is a better option for many residing in old city areas that are congested beyond capacity.
With work from home culture on the rise, everyone needs more space, as the number of members increases. Many times, the children who live with their parents after marriage also add on to the number of members. That’s the time when you feel you have a bigger, better house.

What exactly do you look for when you seek an alternative?

  • A house with bigger rooms
  • Better space with a higher open area compared to the constructed area.
  • Reliable and trustworthy builders.
  • Amenities around the place.
  • Ease of commuting.
  • Clean, green areas.
  • Most importantly, it has a better design and construction.
  • The higher the quality of the project, the better.

Are you thinking of moving to Pune?
If so, then AWHO Vijay Vihar Wagholi is an ideal choice for you.

Why is AWHO Vijay Vihar Wagholi an ideal choice?

  • With new construction, you get a new home in a more peaceful location with better amenities.
  • Loan approvals are super easy.
  • It is the best project in Pune, as it is located at Wagholi, an upcoming IT hub.
  • Plans for the Pune Metro and ring road are already approved and are likely to come up in the next two years.
  • Proximity to Pune airport and railway station.
  • This is a defence-sponsored and maintained project, so you can be assured of the quality as well as the clientele.
  • Best amenities, like the king-sized swimming pool and clubhouse.
  • Clean, open, and green areas.
  • Above all, the best designs and ample spacing between buildings ensure an open view and free flow of air and sunlight.

So if you are looking for a house, do not simply look for the words 2, 3, or 4 BHK. That’s because all the houses in AWHO Vijay Vihar Wagholi are not pigeon-holes like you see in most projects.

AWHO Vijay Vihar, Wagholi is an ideal choice because the flats here are very spacious and built over a larger area. You will get a sense of openness the moment you enter society or any building within it. You inherently obtain contemporary amenities, alluring interiors, spacious parking, nearness to the airport and railway station, and most importantly, a new locality with a unique community.
AWHO Vijay Vihar Wagholi offers a better living experience with an ideal workplace that comes with an elite neighborhood of armed forces personnel.

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