Wagholi-Lohegaon Corridor: Poised for Takeoff with Infrastructure Development

Wagholi Lohegaon corridor

The Wagholi-Lohegaon corridor in Pune has emerged as a key growth area for the city. Home to a thriving IT industry and nestled near the Pune Airport, this stretch has witnessed a surge in residential projects in recent years. To keep pace with this growth, infrastructure development plans are underway to transform connectivity and enhance the overall experience for residents and businesses.

Nagar Road Widening Along Wagholi-Lohegaon Corridor

One of the most significant projects is the widening of Nagar Road, a crucial artery connecting Wagholi and Lohegaon. This six-lane expansion aims to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion, especially during peak hours.

Proposed Ring Road Connectivity

The future looks even brighter with the proposed integration of the Wagholi-Lohegaon corridor with the Pune Ring Road. This ambitious project will create a seamless bypass around the city, further boosting connectivity and reducing travel times.

Improved Public Transport Options in Wagholi-Lohegaon Corridor

Plans are also in motion to improve public transport options in the area. Increased bus services and potential metro connectivity are being explored to cater to the growing population and provide a more sustainable mode of transportation.

Benefits of Infrastructure Development

These infrastructure developments promise a multitude of benefits for the Wagholi-Lohegaon corridor:

  • Enhanced Connectivity: Improved roads and potential metro access will significantly reduce travel times and make commuting easier for residents and professionals.
  • Reduced Traffic Congestion: The widened Nagar Road and potentially diverted traffic via the Ring Road will significantly ease traffic flow, especially during peak hours.
  • Boosted Real Estate: Improved infrastructure translates to a more attractive location for residents and businesses. This can lead to increased property values and further development in the area.
  • Improved Quality of Life: Reduced traffic congestion, easier commutes, and better public transport options will contribute to a better overall quality of life for residents.


The Wagholi-Lohegaon corridor is on an exciting trajectory. With ongoing and planned infrastructure development projects, this area is well-positioned to become a major commercial and residential hub in Pune. The improved connectivity, reduced traffic congestion, and a more robust public transport system will not only benefit residents and businesses but also create a more vibrant and livable space.