Security of Housing Societies

This write up on the measures to be adopted for security of housing societies is in response to a spurt of robberies in various housing societies in Pune. It will encourage the people who live there to get involved and make plans to keep their housing society safe.

The Governing Body and members of the Housing Society should pay special attention to the following points for safety and security of housing societies:

Preventive Security-Compound Wall

Each housing society should have a clearly defined compound wall, preferably topped with barbed wire to prevent ingress. At no point should you install ineffective, low-quality grills just to cut down on the cost.

Install a CCTV network for security of housing societies

This is an effective way to catch the culprits in the event of any criminal activity. Do not ignore this area due to financial constraints. Install surveillance cameras in all vulnerable places. This is also mandatory as per directions of Pune Police.

Consider buying an extra disc drive to keep the recordings for longer than a month. Even if it costs more, you might want to think about services like monitoring from your home or office.

Appoint designated security staff to keep track of the entire network.

Putting up signs that say “This area is being watched by cameras” keeps away thieves and other criminals.

Installing an Intercom System

The Managing Committee should propose and mandate the installation of an intercom system at its Annual General Meeting. This will be useful to all members. While doing so, install an intercom system that runs on batteries and still works if the power goes out.

Important Points while employing Security Guards for security of housing societies

Appointment of qualified Security Guards: The Managing Committee should check the professional qualifications of security guards.

Visitor verification– The security staff calls the owners before letting the visitor in. Insist on them entering visitor information.

Note: The Mumbai Police Department has issued Dos and Don’ts for residential areas and senior citizens’ safety. For more information on security of housing societies, go to Every housing society’s Managing Committee should know about this website and use the ideas it has to offer.

Specify Dos and Don’ts for Guards and requiring them to follow them.

List for security of housing societies

  • Security staff should not perform personal tasks for members.
  • Only vehicles bearing your housing society’s stickers/RF tags can enter freely. Others will give their particulars to the guards, who will note them.
  • Consider installing RF-controlled barriers for seamless movement of residents’ vehicles.
  • Place CCTV at the entry and exit points.
  • Contact the Managing Committee, the fire department, and so on in the event of an emergency.
  • A security company can only switch guards after giving the new ones enough training.
  • The Managing Committee should photograph each security guard assigned to their housing society and keep it in their records, noting the date of joining and leaving. Consider contacting the issuing agencies to confirm your identity and the authenticity of their qualification documents.
  • Perform a police background check on service providers such as housekeepers and drivers.
  • Get pictures, IDs, and proof of address from drivers, housekeepers, cable TV installers, laundry men, and others.