Rules and Guidelines

Code of Conduct

We the residents of AWHO Vijay Vihar lay down for ourselves the following Code of Conduct in the interest of healthy and harmonious living and in the interest of good governance of this Condominium. Each of us vows to comply with the Code to the best of his/her abilities.

R. Resident

I shall be a good citizen and shall respect the rights of my fellow residents, including the right to privacy.

I shall keep my apartment and the surroundings clean and free from garbage and pollution.

I realize that noise is also a form of pollution and I shall endeavour to keep the noise at the lowest decibel. This effort shall include my family and my guests.

Whenever I take my pets (particularly dogs) out of the apartment, I shall have them on leash and shall ensure that they do not litter common areas, other than earmarked for the purpose. I shall also ensure that my pets do not threaten any resident.

I shall preserve the trees and the bushes in the campus and shall prevent harm to them by residents. I shall conserve water and power, both in short supply.

I shall use the common facilities with care as I am conscious of their common ownership. I shall particularly guide the children in the careful use of the common facilities.

I shall go to the aid of my fellow residents whenever the need arises.

I shall abide by the rules laid down by the Block Association and by the Apex Body in the interest of the common welfare and safety. I shall participate in exercises as the fire drill whenever they are conducted.

I shall scrupulously follow the instructions issued by the Committee of Security and Traffic in the interest of the residents of the Condominium.

I shall pay all the dues levied by the Block association and the Apex Body in accordance with the relevant Memorandum of Association / Rules and Regulation.

I shall treat all the Service Providers, including Security with courtesy and consideration.

I accept that my primary relationship is with my Block Association and shall refrain from making/joining in any representation for redressal of any grievance etc., directly to the Apex Body without first placing the matter before my Block Association for consideration/action.

O. Owner

I shall study the Memorandum of Association / Rules and Regulations of my block as well as of the Apex Body as amended from time to time. My duties towards the Block and the Condominium shall be governed by them.

I shall co-operate with the Apex Body in all its endeavours to protect the rights and safety of the Apartment Owners.

I shall fully and freely participate in the deliberations of the General Meetings of the Block as well as of the Condominium.

I realize all these guidelines and rules apply to me even if I am not a resident.

If and when I lease my apartment, the Lease agreement shall have a clause requiring the Lessee to abide by this Code Of Conduct.

F. Office Bearer

As an Office Bearer, I have a special responsibility for observance of the Code Of Conduct not only by myself but my family, guests and other residents.

To the maximum extent possible I shall place the disposal of the fellow residents my talents and experience for enrichment of life in the Condominium.

If called upon to do so, it shall be by endeavour to be an Office Bearer in one or more of the administrative bodies of the Block Association as well as of the Apex Body.

As an Office Bearer I shall work for the common good of the owners and residents of the Condominium. In the event of any conflict of interest, I shall disclose the same.

While I shall exercise my right and duty to express my opinions in the deliberations of the administrative bodies, I shall abide by the decisions duly taken.

I shall respect the confidentiality of the deliberations in the administrative bodies and shall not discuss them outside the relevant fora.

Each one, for everyone.

Traffic Routing, Rules, and Regulations

All Ramps will be one-way. Entire surface will be one-way.

Only Reverse Zones are as demarketed.

All vehicle owners/drivers are requested to have their car headlights on while driving in the basement.

All car owners are requested to switch off the reverse horn while on campus.

No smoking is permitted in the basement.

All vehicle owners/drivers are requested not to play loud music from the car audio system.

No washing of cars on the surface except for cars that have been allocated parking on the surface.

Charges and Fees

  1. Maintenance charges are collected yearly and should be paid to the committee. A cheque or DD favoring the block Association and payable at Pune can be used. The maintenance is typically due in September. The exact date and amount will be intimidated by mail. The maintenance is different for each block and is also different based on who is occupying it (owner, tenant, or guest house).
  2. Monthly bills like electricity bill, telephone bill, cable bill, etc. need to be paid by the Owner / Tenant.
  3. There is a Move In / Out charge. This is different for each block.
  4. The water bill is paid at an apex level.
  5. Property taxes need to be paid by the owner. They can be paid on a half-yearly or yearly basis and are typically due at the end of May and the end of September.
  6. Other authorized fees/charges, if any, levied by the Association should be met in time so that the standard of services provided to all the residents is maintained.

Use of Lifts

  1. Usually, only one lift will be operational. Multiple lifts are switched on only at times of heavy traffic.
  2. When all lifts are in operation, one lift is reserved for usage by residents and their guests. The other lift is to be used by various workers, service providers, and for moving luggage. Also, try to use the designated lift when you have a pram or a cycle with you.
  3. Children incapable of operating the lift alone, should not use the lift without an accompanying adult.
  4. Very bulky and heavy packages/furniture should not be carried by the lift. The side staircases should be used for transferring such materials.
  5. Instruct your wards and employees not to unnecessarily fiddle with buttons inside and outside the lifts.
  6. If the power goes off while the lift is in operation, it will come to a stop. There is a slight delay before the generator becomes operational and the lift can start up again. Please do not panic, the security will make sure the generator is switched on.
  7. The lift has a panic button that can be used in case of a real emergency when the lift comes to a stop between floors or the doors don’t open.

Moving In / Out

  1. Before buying a flat, check with the treasurer of the RWA if maintenance or any other payment is pending. You will be expected to clear all pending dues before moving in.
  2. Fill out the Move In/Out Form at least 3 days before you move in/out. Pay the charges and collect the receipt. The charges vary from block to block.
  3. Use only the designated lift for moving luggage.
  4. Instruct the movers to use the stairs for the really heavy stuff, there is a weight limit for what can be transported in the lift.
  5. Make sure the movers clean up after themselves. And that they do not leave cardboard boxes or packing material in the common areas.
  6. Avoid moving in / out on Sundays and Public Holidays.
  7. There are times during the day where moving is not permitted. Check with the RWA for details.
  8. Moving trucks will ordinarily not be allowed into the complex after 6:30 pm.
  9. Owners/tenants intending to vacate their flats permanently, or for extended periods of time, should inform the Association in advance.

Security Guidelines

1. Workers, Contractors, Servants are not allowed to carry things out of the building. If you give them something that needs to be carried out, please fill out a Gate Pass Form.

2. Please do not leave your house keys with the Security.

3. If you call a cab, you will get a verification call from both the main gate security and the block security.

4. If you have a visitor or you order something from a store outside, you will get a verification call from the block security.

5. Do not leave personal belongings in the reception, common areas, or with security.

Maintaining the Common Areas

1. Do not leave personal belongings in the reception, common areas or with security.

2. Do not leave cupboards, racks, shelves, stands, brackets or packages in the common areas.

3. Do not keep household objects like UPS, Shoe Rack, and Cycles outside your flat near your front door. Shoe racks should be kept inside the house. Cycles can be parked in the designated area outside the block.

4. Limited number of plants can be kept outside the front door. Make sure they have a plastic plate to collect water.

5. Residents who have hanging plants in their balcony should take care to ensure that water and soil do not fall in the flats below or disfigure the exterior walls of the block. The flower pots should not be fragile and should be securely hung.

Maintenance work in your apartment

  1. Please take permission from the committee before commencing any maintenance work. Use the Permission Form for this purpose.
  2. No maintenance work should be done on Sundays and Public Holidays.
  3. The maintenance work can be done only at specific times (different for each block).
  4. Make arrangements to throw waste materials like cement, tiles, broken basins, toilet fixtures, etc out of Vijay Vihar.
  5. The waste material should NOT be pushed into any drains or common areas.
  6. For Maintenance complaints please contact the officials HERE


  1. Your vehicles need an AWHO Vijay Vihar sticker for entry into society. Fill up a Car Park Sticker Application Form if you need a new sticker.
  2. Try not to park a two-wheeler along with a four-wheeler in one car parking slot.
  3. Cars are allowed to park in front of the block for a maximum of 10 minutes for picking up and dropping.
  4. Car Wash timings are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 6 am to 9 am. Cars should be washed when they are parked in the basement and not on the surface.
  5. The maximum speed limit inside the complex is 20 kph.
  6. Follow all the traffic signs within the complex.
  7. The Drivers and Car-wash boys should have Identity cards issued by the Block Association.
  8. Please ensure that your vehicle is securely locked when not in use.

Staff Employed by You

  1. Any staff you employ – Maids, Drivers, Car Wash boys – need an ID card to enter the complex.
  2. If you are employing somebody who is new to Vijay Vihar, fill out an Application for Employee ID Card. It takes about 15 days for processing this form. In the meantime, use the Provisional ID Form.
  3. If you are employing somebody who already has an ID, make sure the contact details on the ID card are up to date and verify their references with the other Vijay Vihar residents they have worked for.