Best Practices as Responsible Citizens

Remember, AWHO Vijay Vihar is a premier housing society and home to disciplined tri- service personnel and equivalent. The following guidelines are expected to be followed by all to ensure bonhomie and good interpersonal relationship.

  • Do not encroach or use in any manner, common areas, open spaces, staircases, covered parking area, corridors, building terraces etc which are not part of your flat area. No shoe racks, cabinets, cycles are allowed in the corridors.
  • No private notices, billboards etc are to be pasted or displayed in the premises without the Managing Committee’s permission.
  • Prior permission of the society should be obtained for carrying out interior works in the flat.
  • All interior decoration work or any noisy work should be strictly eschewed between 2 pm to 4 pm. The work can begin only after 9 am and stop before 7 p.m. No noisy work to be done on Sundays. Labor working on the interior decoration/painting etc jobs are not allowed to stay overnight in the premises.
  • Do not litter the premises by throwing rubbish down the windows, stairs etc.
  • Do not cause nuisance in the building to the annoyance of your co residents through loud noise/music, boisterous shouting, fighting, playing etc and instruct your servants, drivers etc.
  • Residents are not allowed to tamper with any of the common amenities such as lift/lighting etc in their respective buildings. Common toilets belong to the society. Residents are not allowed to lock the common toilet.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to supervise and mind their children all the time, when they are in the common areas of the society.
  • Essentially, all apartments are for residential purposes only and shall not be used or rented as shops, godown, commercial offices, clinics, tuition classes, dance/fitness schools, bhajan mandals, saloons etc.
  • Use water carefully. It is a precious resource and costly too. Do not leave the taps open.
  • Ensure your pets do not litter the premises. Residents are liable to be fined for violation. Clean up after the pet has moved its bowel outside your flat or be ready to pay a fine. While outside the flat, they should always be kept under leash. Children play area and gardens are totally out of bound for pet cats and dogs.
  • Residents shall be fully responsible for the conduct of their visitors/domestic servants/vendors/drivers, including any damage caused to the society property by them.
  • Club area is out of bound for drivers and domestic help.
  • Follow garbage segregation instructions and help to be eco-friendly. Avoid use of plastic carry bags.
  • Do not pluck flowers off the plants grown in common areas or allow anyone else to do so. Do not misuse the lawn/landscape.
  • Heavy articles should not be loaded in the lift. Use of elevators is not permitted for movement of goods which are oversized, with sharp edges, hazardous in nature, etc.
  • No member/resident shall stock or store any kind of goods or materials which are combustible, obnoxious the storing of which requires permit/sanction of the competent authority
  • Avoid honking inside the society premises. Observe the speed limits of 20 km/hr on society’s main road.
  • The above norms of the society shall be binding on all the tenants also.
  • A swimming pool and also a kid’s pool have been provided for the use of residents and their dependents only.
  • All persons using the pool do so at their own risk and Children aged 12 and under can swim under adult supervision. In Between 6.30 am to 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

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